Windy City Thunderbolts 7/9/09

Around 3:00 today I came upon the Thunderbolts website and find out that they will be playing a doubleheader. Tickets were only $8 so I called my friend Kevin and we went. My friend Jack also joined us.                     

The first game was set to start at 6:05. We arrived at the stadium around 6:20. I really wanted to snag some baseballs and watch the game. Around the second inning catcher, Dan Jordan, tossed me my first ball of the day. He was in the bullpen, the ball rolled foul, and I stood up so he tossed it to me. The throw was a little off but I still got it.

Later in the game, we found out former wrestler Jimmy Hart was there. We walked around, found him and I got him to sign my ball. To be honest I had no idea who he was but whatever. More on this later.

After the first game, we headed over to the Kings bullpen. Pitcher Dan Baerlocher signed my ticket stub. I was off to a rather good day. Once both teams were set to take the field we took our seats and sat one row behind the dugout. At the end of the third inning, starting pitcher Tyler Kelsey threw the third out ball up and it landed in the second or third row. The man trying to catch fumble it while he tried to hold on to his beer, so I just swooped my tyler kessey.jpgglove over it and got the ball. It was totally fair because I didn’t just snatch it from him. This time the ball was a actual Frontier League game ball. I was very happy. To compensate the guy, I handed him my signed ball from earlier. I personally didn’t want the signed one anyway.

Well, overall it was a fun game. We spent the last couple innings outside the wall in the parking lot hoping to snag a homer. We didn’t catch one but all was good. I finished the day with two balls and a signed ticket stub.

Thumbnail image for DSCF3873.JPG




    I must say myself, the Frontier League does use a very nice ball. I hope to snag a few more of these this year.

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