4/7/10 US Cellular Field

Let’s just say this was not an ideal game to go to.
After waiting an hour and half in line, I ran through the gates and up the four ramps to see an ugly wet tarp on the field and no BP.

Then, the rain started to stop and this went on.

Sox Rolling Tarp.JPG

Some Sox players starting throwing and one of them was Gavin Floyd. Okay now it starts to get a little weird. As I was waiting patiently for Gavin to finish warming up, I talked to this one kid. He seemed pretty cool, until he tried boxing me out and waving his gloveless hands in the air. Only to end up knocking the ball down and not even catching it. He was the biggest idiot ever.

Thankfully, I had other opportunities to snag a ball. Game time was approaching so I headed over toward the right field bullpen. Indians catcher Mike Redmond finished his warm up and kindly tossed me his Ball. And there it was. Ball number one of my career!


As for the game itself, it was rather boring and slow. Indians ended up winning 5-3. Since I forget take more pics during warm ups, I’ll leave you with some shots I took as I walked around with my friend Kevin.


And that’s pretty much it. Hopefullt tomorrow will be a better day and Batting Practice.

Totals: 1 MLB Ball




  1. padreleigh

    You always remember your first ball. Mine was a BP homer from Wally Joyner in 1998 in Miami. Good luck this year.



    Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the comments. I just posted up another entry from yesterdays game. If you have some free time, check it out.

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