4/8/10 US Cellular Field

While driving to the stadium I was hoping it would be a better day. The rain stayed away but the thing that stayed was the cold, and I mean freezing cold. Game time temperature was around 40.

Once again I was first in line but only to see the cage for BP set up. No one was even out there to hit. It was sad.
The good news was there were 3 balls just sitting there in the bullpen. The bad news was there were too out of reach for the glove trick. My only option was to wait and hope someone came along to toss one to me. And after waiting about 30 minutes, a groundskeeper strolled into the bullpen picked them up and walked towards me. He looked Hispanic, so I called for him in Spanish and he threw me one. First ball of the day!

DSCF4539.JPGAfter that, a long period of boring rolled along. There was pretty much no action going on the field, except people watering it. I decided to walk around and check out the dugouts. I looked in the Indians dugout and saw pitcher Jake Westbrook. I called him over and I had him sign my ticket stub. He was nice and signed for everyone as well.

I made my way back towards the Indian bullpen since some pitchers were warming up. Some coach, saw my Indians hat and immediately flipped up a ball. There it was, Ball number 2. Then in the same spot where Mike Redmond tossed me his warm up ball the day before, I called for it and his reply was,
” I already threw you one yesterday.” This probably happens alot to people, but it made me feel kinda happy and special lol.

That was pretty much it for the pre game. Once the game started I sat a couple rows up from the dugout. Great view. After a few innings I made my way out the outfield in hopes of catching a homerun. I literally had a whole section to myself. Anything hit my way was mine, so the chances were looking good. As i was walking toward the bullpen, I called the bullpen coach’s name, and asked for a ball. He tossed me and was a little surprised someone knew his name. That was Ball Number 3. Here he is next to closer Chris Perez.

Around the 8th, I headed over towards the dugout to catch the last few inning of a very exciting game.

DSCF4542.JPGThe game went to extras, and the dismall crowd of 18,000 shrunk even more. My brother was watching the game and he told that he was able to hear the fans screaming. The people in the FIRST row got up and left, so I quickly took their seat. I found out later, I was on tv for most of the 10th inning. The Indians ended up winning it on an Asdrubal Cabrera hit. Go Tribe!

3 MLB Baseballs
1 Autograph





    Thanks!, I pretty sure I’ll be headed to Pittsburgh this summer, for the Cubs Series. Most likely May 31 and June 1

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