4/17/10 Wrigley Field

I wasn’t really expecting to have a big snagging day, and I just wanted to watch and have a fun time at my favorite ballpark Wrigley Field. I heard about all the new renovations and was exciting to see them.

I got to the ballpark about, 30 minutes before the gates open due to some heavy traffic. I pulled out my camera and saw that the battery had died. I charged it fully the night before so I had no idea what was going on. Because of that, I’ll use some pictures from Cubs.com.

Here’s what the entrance looks like with new pictures hung up:

cubs mar.jpgIt looks really nice actually, but I think the Cubs are taking them down after this week.
30 minutes flew by and I got in and grabbed the promotion of the day, a Cubs knit cap.

I made my way toward the Astros bullpen side of the field. A few players were throwing and warming up so I just stayed and waited there. I could have got a ball from Michael Bourn, but I didn’t want to rob these two kids. A little later, an Astro hit a line drive and it landed below the wall way out of grabbing reach. I walked over and yes it was glove trick time!

Sadly, my camera didn’t work but I still managed to get some action shots. As I was reeling up the ball, a bunch of kids and people walked over and were amazed. I have never seen anyone at Wrigley with one so it was special for them. After I met local Chicago Jazz singer/ actress Amy Banks.  She was kind enough to take a few pictures for me.

glove trick 1.jpg
amy banks.jpg
glove trick 2.jpg
1 Ball




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